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false domestic violence charges lawyer

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New York City Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer




Safe Horizon is the nation’s leading victim assistance organization. Our mission is to provide support, prevent violence, and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, their families and communities. Our 57 programs are located throughout the five boroughs of New York City in court houses, police precincts, schools, shelters, and community offices. Safe Horizon’s first priority is the safety of those who seek assistance. Our programs work with clients to meet their needs so they can look ahead to a safe horizon.
Providing 24-Hour Lifelines to Crime Victims
Safe Horizon’s four toll-free hotlines are gateways to assistance for more than 250,000 of the city’s crime victims each year. The state-of-the art program is staffed by experienced professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. Many hotline advocates are multilingual, and all counselors are able to utilize a translation service to assist callers who speak a language not represented. Hotline advocates provide crisis counseling, safety planning, assistance with finding shelter, referrals to Safe Horizon programs or other organizations, advocacy with the police, and other crucial services.

Safe Horizon's Hotlines
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.621.HOPE (4673)
Crime Victims Hotline: 866.689.HELP (4357)
Rape, Sexual Assault & Incest Hotline: 212.227.3000
TDD phone number for all hotlines: 866.604.5350
Helping Individuals Affected by Domestic Violence, Rape and Stalking
Safe Horizon is the largest provider of domestic violence services in the country. Collaborating with the criminal justice system, Safe Horizon offers innovative programs that provide women with support throughout the complex process of leaving violent relationships and building safe futures. For survivors of domestic violence, stalking, rape, and sexual assault, Safe Horizon offers services that help them and their children move toward safe and independent violence-free lives.

Helping Children Affected by Abuse
Child abuse, or child maltreatment, is an act by a parent or caretaker that results in or allows the child to be subjected to death, physical injury, sexual assault, or emotional harm. Emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are all different forms of child abuse.

Safe Horizon helps child victims of abuse through our Child Advocacy Centers. Our Centers, located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, provide assistance to more than 3,000 physically and sexually abused children and their families each year. Child protective caseworkers, police detectives, pediatricians, prosecutors, victim advocates, and mental health professionals all work together in our child friendly center to collect evidence, minimize the number of times the child is interviewed, and ensure that the child receives appropriate medical examinations and therapeutic support.

Go to Child Abuse & Incest to learn more.

New York State Child Advocacy Resource and Consultation Center (CARCC)

CARCC promotes the multidisciplinary response to child abuse throughout the State by working with law enforcement and child protective professionals to assess and enhance their response to child abuse cases. They offer technical assistance, training, information on funding resources, child fatality review teams, staff development, child abuse statistics and more. CARCC has its own website at

Helping Families and Individuals Impacted by Crime and Abuse
Crime and abuse can have a devastating impact not just on the direct victim but also on his or her family. Safe Horizon offers a variety of services to help individuals and their families work through immediate trauma and also prepare for the long-term. Additionally, Safe Horizon recognizes that many survivors feel further victimized by a court system that is unfamiliar to them. Advocates guide them through the complicated process and help them to understand their rights.

Mental Health Treatment
Since 1988, the Safe Horizon Counseling Center, a New York State, out-patient, licensed mental health clinic, has specialized in meeting the complex needs of individuals and their families who have been victims of crime and abuse. Our philosophy is one that supports and encourages the active participation of our clients in the course, scope, and pace of their treatment. This helps clients regain the sense of control over their lives that is often lost due to the trauma they experienced.

Families of Homicide Victims Program
Since 1979, Safe Horizon's Families of Homicide Victims Program has helped surviving family members in New York City cope with the tragedy of murder. By reaching out to surviving family members of every homicide victim within the five boroughs, counselors develop both short and long-term relationships with spouses, siblings, parents, children, and others. The program assists survivors with obtaining practical assistance like funeral benefits and offers compassionate and expert bereavement counseling, specialized support groups, advocacy in the courts, and case management.

See Get Help for Families of Homicide Victims to learn how Safe Horizon can help you.

Learn about Safe Horizon's services:

Streetwork Project for Homeless Youth
Child Advocacy Centers
Domestic Violence Law Project
Immigration Law Project
Counseling Centers
Community Programs
Court Programs
Domestic Violence Shelters
Project SAFE - our free service that installs new locks or cylinders in the homes of those who have filed police reports. Contact Project SAFE by calling 866.689.HELP (4357).
Safe Horizon’s Mediation Program

The Safe Horizon Mediation Program is now an independent non-profit organization known as The New York Peace Institute. To learn more about
their mediation, training, and consulting services, go to
Raising Awareness About Violence and Abuse
Hope Shining - Safe Horizon's national campaign to raise awareness about child abuse.

SafeWork - Helping businesses recognize and respond to the effects of domestic violence in the workplace.