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false domestic violence charges lawyer

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Manhattan Domestic Violence Lawyer



The Manhattan District Attorney's Office is in charge of all domestic violence cases that allegedly occur in Manhattan. The Family Violenceand Child Abuse Bureau is tasked with this job.This is done by specialized prosecutors who focus mostly on domestic violence cases. The cases proceed mostly in parts D at 100 Centre Street or a court called IDV. IDV stands for Integrated Domestic Violence Part. This is a Courtroom that a single judge will hear both the criminal case and the family law case that is attached to it. It is designed to prevent parties from going back and forth to different court rooms on different dates.

The Manhattan DA has taken a very tough position those charged with domestic violence cases. Very little investigation is done in these cases by the prosecutors. They will mostly believe the word of the accuser over the accused and try to force the accused to accept some kind of plea deal in order to keep up their numbers. The federal government aslo hands out grants to prosecutors who focus on these types of cases. The result is that many of the accused,(mostly men), are coerced into pleading guilty into batterers programs and be labeled as abusers, even though they have done nothing wrong. The prosecutors are very reluctant to dismiss a case against anyone, even if the evidence is not there. They rely on the threat of a jury trial to force people into accepting plea deals. This has become a nationwide problem in these types of prosecutions. Prosecutors even go so far as prosecuting someone without the victim's testimony. In no other type of case does this occur.If you are facing domestic violence charges in Manhattan, contact the Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and protect your legal rights.