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false domestic violence charges lawyer

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New York City Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer





Prosecutors in New York City, like everywhere else in the nation, are extremely reluctant to drop charges in a domestic violence case. As we have discussed at length, prosecuting those accused of domestic violence is very politically popular and is supported strongly by all politicians. Another reason that prosecutors do not like to drop domestic violence charges against a defendant, even if the alleged victim is requesting it, is because they are afraid that the accuser will harm the alleged victim again, and then the careers of the prosecutors are on the line.

It is just easier for prosecutors in New York City to paint all of the defendants with the same brush and try to prosecute as many people as possible, regardless of the facts of a case. Often, the alleged victim did not contact the police and wants no part of the prosecution of a loved one. In most cases prosecutors will push the alleged victim into cooperating, and even tell the Court that the victim is still interested in going forward with the charges, when they have clearly told the prosecutor that they do not wish to cooperate.

These are very difficult cases. Because prosecutors are afraid that they will look weak on crime, the will seek a plea deal from every defendant in a domestic violence case, no matter how weak the case is. If a loved one is being unfairly prosecuted for domestic violence, contact the Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC and let us help you protect your rights.