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false domestic violence charges lawyer

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New York City ACS Investigations

The New York City Administration for Children Services is tasked with preventing child abuse and neglect in New York City. Recent news events have proven this agency, commonly known as ACS, as being very badly managed and completely innefective in preventing child abuse and rescuing children from abusive households. Instead, the agency case workers will file fraudulent charges against descent people in order to provide political cover should anything go wrong.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro has successfully defendend numerous people falsely accused of child abuse by this incompetent agency. ACS uses bully tactics in order to force parents into long parenting programs that give the appearance that the agency is taking an active role. In many cases, the caseworkers are mrely trying to get out from an overwhelming case load and are trying to coerce parents into pleading guilty to something. If you have been contact by an ACS worker about an issue with your child, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM, without legal representations. ACS workers have been known to mislead parents and outright lie in the reports that they issue, in hopes of quickly resolving a case. Contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro at 917-519-8417 for a confidential consultation and learn how to protect your rights against the ACS system.